Good to know:

The boat is in the category C that means it can be navigated along the coast when the wind is not stronger than 22-27 knot and the waves are not higher than 2 meters.

We keep track of the weather conditions and will not lend any of the boats if the forecast is unfavourable. We insist on our right to call them back in case of any weather change for the safety of all of us.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.



For your own security please:

  1. Don’t leave the designated area.
  2. Do no exceed the speed limit of the port: 2 m/h.
  3. Wear life-jackets.
  4. No more than 4 people in a boat.
  5. The person in charge of the boat is 18 years at least.
  6. Take your cell phone charged with you and check the signal strength.
  7. Share your Google maps location with us to ensure your safety.
  8. Keep the GPS sonar switched on.
  9. Before setting out race the cold engine for some minutes.
  10. If you anchor, stay within eyesight and keep in mind the waves and currents.
  11. Always keep a safe distance from the coast to avoid sea-bottom rocks.
  12. Before arriving back to the port call this number: +34 638 19 04 63
  13. The security deposit will be charged for any lost or damaged piece or late arrival.
  14. We can’t take responsibility for your personal objects that may be damaged or lost during the trip.
  15. Don’t litter the sea or the shore.​

Our Boats

The boat is 3,40 m long, 1,60 m wide, powered by a 8 HP outboard motor that consumes 2-2,5 l / hour, can be used without license and can stand away 2 nautical miles (=3,8 km) from the coast. We’ll supply you with 13 l petrol and give a GPS sonar to your trip.


+34 620 489347 (EN & ES)

c/ Italia 15. Ed. 2. P.1., Valle Gran Rey 38870 Santa Cruz de Tenerife



+34 638 190463 (HU & D)

Skype: karoly.kaffka