Which kind of line should I use?

Mono vs. Braid

Since I fish from a boat in Valle Gran Rey I changed my preference. The advantage of the mono or monofilament is the price and maybe it is safer and less becomes knotty. When I say “safer” I mean it is not dangerous for your fingers when you are fighting a big fish, whereas braided line can hurt you easily since it is sharp like a saw. Wear gloves!

Yet I still prefer the braided line. First, because I am in direct relation to the bait, it is lighter, it doesn’t stretch, so the braid is taut. Second, it is multicolour, so I can easily control the required distance. Third, the same thick braid is stronger than the mono. And thanks to this, I can make the most of the reel capacity. If I see only one of my favourite fish, the bluefish, it would be enough a 20-30 lb braid line, but hammer shark bites require the heavier rig, so I would use 50 lbs braid. In Valle Gran Rey, though there is not a big selection, you can still buy braid line.

When it comes to rod and reel, even casting or spinning, who likes what, I’d recommend a reel with at least 30 lbs of drag power, and heavy /medium-heavy powered fishing rods. I will write more about this in the future.

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