Important to know:

License of fishing

The license can be purchased at the town hall (ayuntamiento) weekdays 9:00-13:00. There are three types; all are valid for 3 years.

  1. for 15 €, trolling isn’t included
  2. for 30 €, trolling included
  3. for 6 €, only fishing from the rocks

Fishing Permit

When you apply for a license, they will send you to the neighbouring bank office to pay the fee. Although the license will be issued a week later, you can already go fishing with the application and the certificate of payment.

Our Boats

The boat is 3,40 m long, 1,60 m wide, powered by a 8 HP outboard motor that consumes 2-2,5 l / hour, can be used without license and can stand away 2 nautical miles (=3,8 km) from the coast. We’ll supply you with 13 l petrol and give a GPS sonar to your trip.


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