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Offshore fishing: boat, equipment, information

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About Us

Polythene motor boats for 4 persons can be rented for the following purposes:

  • fishing
  • diving
  • dolphin and whale watching
  • visiting the seashore in your own space
  • anchoring in a neighbouring creek to enjoy the beach alone


Our Boats

The boat is 3,40 m long, 1,60 m wide, powered by a 8 HP outboard motor that consumes 2-2,5 l / hour, can be used without license and can stand away 2 nautical miles (=3,8 km) from the coast. We’ll supply you with 13 l petrol and give a GPS sonar to your trip.

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-Bottom fishing





Go to the town hall (ayuntamiento)

weekdays 9:00-13:00.

There are three types;

all are valid for 3 years.


  1. Please don’t leave the designated
  2. Please don’t exceed the speed limit of the port: 2″
  3. For your security wear life-jackets.

Weather and wind conditions:



Fishing lines

Which kind of line should I use? Mono vs. Braid Since I fish from a boat in Valle Gran Rey I changed my preference. The advantage of the mono or monofilament is the price and maybe it is safer and less becomes knotty. When I say “safer” I mean it is not dangerous for your fingers when you are...

Dead Bait or Live Bait?

Why would I use dead bait instead of live bait? Well, first of all, it is forbidden to use live bait in the Canary Islands. If we took this rule flexible —which experienced fisherman would deny the advantages of using live bait?— it would be difficult to get live bait. And it doesn’t worth to...

The trolling of the Bluefish

The trolling of the bluefish (Pejerey or anjova in Spanish, blue barsch in German) This fish is very common in the Northeast Atlantic and can be caught all year round by the shores of La Gomera, including in the waters of Valle Gran Rey. Its taste is delicious. I caught several 7-8 kg heavy...


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